The German Society of Neurogenetics was founded in 1994. Its main objective is the enhancement of scientific exchange between all those disciplines that address questions on the genetics of normal and abnormal function of the nervous system. Consequently, its members come from many diverse fields of scientific enquiry such as biophysics, human genetics, cell biology, neuroanatomy, neurobiochemistry, neurosurgery, neurology, neuropathology and psychiatry.

The society organizes yearly workshops to discuss scientific breakthroughs in the field. Here international invited speakers guarantee the highest possible scientific standard. The last Annual Meeting of the German Society of Neurogenetics (DGNG) was held in Bonn on March 27-28, 2015.

Furthermore, the society issues at least two yearly Newsletters. While the first two newsletters (newsletter 1, newsletter 2) were written in German, newsletters are now published in English ( newsletter 3, newsletter 4, newsletter 5, newsletter 6, newsletter 7, newsletter 8, newsletter 9, newsletter 10, newsletter 11, newsletter 12, newsletter 13, newsletter 14, newsletter 15, newsletter 16, newsletter 17, newsletter18, newsletter 19, newsletter 20, newsletter 21, newsletter 22, newsletter 23, newsletter 24, newsletter 25, newsletter 27, newsletter 28).

The statutes of the society and a registration form are attached.


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